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Post Spring Break Plans

Hello again,

If you’ve been keeping up with our project blog, you’ll see that I was able to post some material over spring break (surprising I know). I also got to write about my boxing class experience which was fun to do! I will probably write another post on how the workout benefits your body and break down the workout step by step, just so you know what you’re getting yourself into ;) Other than that, I had posted some summer-y recipes since the weather has been getting so warm!! From here on out, Allyson and I want to incorporate more visual aids such as videos into our blog so that you can see how to do the workouts that we post on the blog. Again, I’m going to try to see if my boxing instructor wants to write an article about a detox program he e-mailed to us during boxing; it will really flush your system out and have you looking great.

This week Allyson and I plan to work on our grading rubric as I stated in my last post… Probably will have that finished by Wednesday or Thursday! Looking forward to meeting back up with her and working on the project; we have mostly been doing independent work thus far with the blog posts and what not.

Other than that we continue to keep posting exercise routines, recipes, etc. If anyone has any requests on what we should post feel free to comment :)

Thanks for reading!



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