Healthy Habits For The College Student

Trips and tricks for eating healthy and exercising for the college student

What We’ve Been Up To

Just wanted to post about what Allyson and I have been planning for the blog and what not.

Basically, we are still posting pretty much every day so hopefully you’re checking the blog as much as you can! I’ve been trying to incorporate more workouts than recipes lately in order to have a good balance… plus we all want to look good in our bathing suits righttttt? Or at least comfortable in our summer clothes. I know I could shed a few lbs. for the summer season.

Anyway, we have decided to meet with Health Services to promote our blog and provide students the necessary information to stay healthy. We have yet to set the meeting up, but it should be happening within the next week. We made a graphic/handout that students will receive that shows them our blog’s URL so they know where to go. Hopefully health services will think our blog is a high quality source… but I guess we will see what they think about it at the appointment!

Until then here’s a sample of our graphic…





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