Healthy Habits For The College Student

Trips and tricks for eating healthy and exercising for the college student

Capping Update Pt.2

So, as you can see Allyson and I have fine tuned our proposal and this is what we are going to base our project off of for the rest of the semester.

I have really enjoyed working on the project so far. I hope that students are benefiting from the information we are posting, because I know that I really have. It has been fun to sift through everything that’s out there, test it and then write about it on the blog.

I hope to incorporate some videos into the project very soon. I’m thinking something along the lines of a crash course beginner workout… I believe adding a video component would be a nice change of pace from typing everything out!

I also would like to get in contact with my boxing instructor to see if he would like to write a spotlight article on either nutrition or working out, as he is knowledgeable in both areas.

Overall, I am enjoying this project thus far, and will continue to feel this way! As stated before, it has certainly been beneficial for myself, but more importantly I think this would mean that it is helping the readers out there (hopefully!)



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