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Capping Update

It has been about a week or so since my initial post so I just wanted to update everyone with the behind-the-scenes progress that has been going on. Allyson and I had met last week to map out our project and create our proposal as well; it was a successful meeting. We also laid out our goals that we will achieve over the course of the semester. Essentially, we really want to push the information featured on our blog and Twitter accounts to our target audience (college students) at a steady rate. This is definitely something that can be attained.

From here on out this will be my personal blog where I talk about what is going on with our project and the progress we have made. Allyson and I have created a new blog that is going to essentially “be” our capping project. The URL for that is We will make our first blog post(s) today February 6, 2012 so keep an out for them!

Overally, we are going to try to make a minimum of five posts a week to keep everyone’s interest piqued and to stay active in the blogging community.

Don’t forget to follow my Twitter account as well @JulieAMaio.




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One thought on “Capping Update

  1. michaelgaro on said:

    Very cool. I’ll check back with the hope of finding some neat recipes!

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